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The Computer Depot understands that the security industry has very demanding needs and deals with challenging environments every day and night.
We offer the best technology based on SAM systems solution, leader in the security and surveillance industry. SAM system puts you in control to monitor your home, office, manufacturing plan, school and many more 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Most video solutions today use a derivative of MPEG for compression, which was designed for the entertainment industry. SAM has an exclusive encoding process that is designed specifically for real-time video in challenging environments.

SAM video output is playable on nearly any PC with no extra software or decoder needed, allowing for easy review of footage by authorities and law enforcement.

SAM Core3 is designed for the latest IP Video camera technology for savings in infrastructure and increased capability. However, SAM also easily accommodates analog cameras, allowing customers to upgrade in stages and preserve their existing investments.


In many retail environments  it is critical to keep recurring costs and shrinkage, both internal and external, to a minimum. SAM can help with both problems. Using one tenth the bandwidth of other solutions, SAM video can be monitored remotely in real-time without expensive internet service costs. With cost-effective long-term recording SAM can be used to store years of immediately accessible video, helping in tracking trends and also reducing liability from false injury claims that are often filed months later.

SAM Core3 Enterprise series has extensive integration capabilities, combining video and Point-of-Sale data in an easy to search interface. POS data can be quickly searched for different criteria, providing instant access to both the recorded footage, and a recreation of the original transaction as it occurred.

SAM is also perfect for multiple locations, which can be streamed to a central server for long-term redundant archiving, capturing video up to the second before theft or destruction of the store security system.